Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?

From the looks of things the fight for gay marriages seems to be the next social hurdle facing the 1st world. I can’t even get myself to call this a social issue. What effect has it got on day to day life…really?


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While I am as straight as an arrow, I find it almost repulsive that people are so intolerant to differences that we can’t even look past what others choose to do in the privacy of their bedroom. And if you are a guy reading this and you enjoy lesbian porn, KILL YOURSELF. What have we learned from history if every social hurdle based on equality has to be a long hard battle? Look at the Defence Secretary talking about how angry the legalization of gay marriages has made the public…WTF. I mean seriously, can someone tell me one difference this change has made to their life? People want to be taxed less, to be protected from private companies charging ridiculous prices for basic amenities (gas, water, electric, mortgages). People want jobs….in fact marriage is already losing it’s place in our society because it is starting to seem like an old fashioned tradition.

What I would like to know is why anyone would feel so strong about not letting gay people live their lives as they see fit. As far as I can tell the only reason most people come up with is that it is morally wrong (God doesn’t like it because it violates the holy guidelines for what a marriage should be). So does divorce unless a spouse was caught cheating (this is in the bible).


But of course it has always been pick, mix, and twist with the good book. Amazing to see how judgmental we can be over supposed ‘sins’ we view ourselves innocent of. Adultery and fornication is as old as the Ten Commandments but we have managed to normalize that just because so many of us do it. HYPOCRITES!

As for people that say ‘It’s just wrong’ without even a religious reason…I can’t even find the words for you. You know I think the LGBT community needs to come up with their own from or marriage that excludes straight people. With divorce rates going up every year it’s not like marriage is anything like it used to be anyways. Live your life, don’t tell anyone else how to live there’s! If churches won’t ‘conduct gay marriages, good for them, but at least allow gay people to gave a court wedding or any other type of wedding they want. How is this even being debated?

Baby you look just perfect….NOT

Telling girls that they are without fault is something I had to learn the hard way. You are more likely to be forgiven for a racial comment towards a female than you are likely to be forgiven for making one negative comment on her appearance. The F word (fat) we all know is forbidden even if the girl looks like she ate her family for breakfast. You aren’t even allowed to make slight comments like ‘baby, just a little toning of the arms and you’ll be good’. Your only opinion on the looks of a woman should be that she is perfect, especially when you are asked for an honest opinion.

The question I want to ask is why do women even bother asking for our opinion? I am a firm believer that people are right about what they see in the mirror (besides clear cut cases of anorexia). If you think you need to spend some time in the gym then you probably do. So ladies please stop upsetting us with these pointless question. It doesn’t take a microscope to see a flat or flab stomach. And these girls that do nothing about the whole weight thing besides complaining annoy us the most. Makes some effort for goodness sake. I go to the gym, why shouldn’t you?

The average guy is so scared to complain about any physical aspects of his woman that he is more likely to find another woman rather than confronting the one he is with. Now I am not saying it is right, I am just saying it happens, denying it is more likely to get you played than it is to stop me from writing another post.

I encourage women to run an open policy making room for constructive criticism as this will decrease the chances of straying. And don’t even hit me with that ‘so all you care about is my looks’ line because if you are old enough to understand this post then you should know men are visual creatures (hence why porn makes money). Ladies have also adopted this visual nature and on occasions have sent me to the gym in search of broader shoulders but I’m not crying over it.

Feel free to murder me on the comments section 🙂

P.S When we make remarks it doesn’t mean we think you aren’t good as you are, it is ONLY an observation. I feel like I could spend more time on my legs in the gym but that isn’t to say I think I look terrible. Calm des Fuck DOWN!

I’m no smoker…BUT!


Cannabis, weed, kush, ganja, marijuana, call it whatever you want, it’s everywhere these days. You could even argue it has become the standard social drug of the upcoming generation. Celebrity endorsements have made it cooler than ever to be found rolling a spliff and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. There is hardly a month that goes by where cannabis is not on the news in some legalization dispute. As with most laws that eventually get changed we can already see the signs that your local coffee shop might be stocking some green soon…well soonish. I just hope it doesn’t become as available as cigarettes. The last thing we want is thirteen year olds hanging outside to get some adult to purchase some of that Tesco value green stuff.

The million dollar question is why isn’t cannabis already legalized or at least decriminalized in the UK. We don’t need to look very far to see places where it is so and so far these states haven’t become gatherings of potheads. Anyone with working experience in hospitals will tell you alcohol can be very dangerous and let’s not even go into the social ripple effect drinking has on the British culture. Yet, it is perfectly legal, taxed, and free of giant graphic warning labels like you see on cigarettes. This brings me to the second point, cigarettes are legal too so we know for certain the smoke isn’t the issue here. There has been much talk about cannabis exacerbating mental illnesses, but last time we checked pretty much everything we take in has a side effect, and these studies emphasize that in most cases these mental illnesses are already present but latent.

Social perception of cannabis continues to shift. Some people still consider it a forbidden fruit but the majority are in support of its decriminalization, or they are indifferent to it (of the people I have spoken to). On this note I will like to point out that Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and the beloved Steve Jobs are among the list of ex-cannabis users known to us. The idea that you can get a criminal record for possessing cannabis after a warning or two is at best ridiculous. It is no different from how you can be punished for possession of alcohol in certain Muslim countries. In a truly free state, governments should have no control over what people do with their bodies and I’m sure the cost to the NHS will be accounted for from taxing the product. I don’t need to talk about the jobs decriminalization would create and there is the factor of eradicating the current illegal and untaxed supply chain with no quality control. You only have to Google ‘synthetic cannabis death’ to see what current substitutes result to.

What are your opinions on the current legality of cannabis possession and use?

To Drink or NOT to Drink? Jesus vs Mohammed

I was nervous to see my boss yesterday because I had consumed a bit of fruit punch (let’s keep this a secret). I have the week off but he needed me for an emergency situation and I didn’t have the balls to say no. So anyways I’m about five minutes out and the thought hit me. I was only worried about the situation because my boss is a practicing Muslim and abstains from alcohol. I am far from religious (spirituality, philosophy and common sense is enough for me), but out of interest and curiosity I have become quite versed with many of the world’s faith at a basic level at least. For those of you that do not know, Islam is actually considered to be a continuation of Christianity with Jesus Christ (Isa) accounted for in the Koran even though the story differs quite a bit (I will go into this in another rant). The point I am trying to make is that while Jesus was known to turn water to wine…Prophet Mohammed spoke against the consumption of alcohol and they are supposedly from the same line of God. In fact Prophet Mohammed was against every form of intoxication which makes me wonder why a lot of Muslims think it is okay to smoke cigarettes but it’s evil to touch alcohol?

The split in attitudes of these two great prophets of the past makes me wonder how gullible we can be when it comes to matters of faith. So let’s say Jesus turned shrubs to buds (weed); would this make smoking pot acceptable by the church? Or what if instead of passing a chalice full of wine he simply passed a joint…would it be customary to get high one Sunday every month in the name of holy communion? Am I allowed to get a balance between the two prophets which allows me to drink at least in moderation?

Overpriced Bullshit in Tech

Are you guys f*cking kidding me? I vividly remember when Facebook was going public. I assumed that anyone with half a brain would see that the valuation was just silly if not anything else. I mean come on, when did a businesses projected profits become the major factor in it’s costing? But I let that slide, Facebook is VERY BIG. There is a chance some of these sorry excuse for investors might recoup their money. In my opinion they should have waited for a few days or weeks after the IPO, but we aren’t here to talk about the past.

Instagram was the next in line with it’s $1billion valuation by Facebook. Now don’t get me wrong I think as far as photosharing apps go Instagram is great (for the young and bored show offs hunting for random likes and follows), but at a billion dollars before it can even be monetized? NO, just no! As of this week Yahoo has been reported to be in talks with just about everyone for acquisition. Techcrunch is reporting Path to be asking for $2billion and Foursquare wants $800 million. I mean you got to be kidding me right? I downloaded Path a very long time ago and I think I have only used it once! And is anyone still checking-in on Foursquare? I swear they pivot every two weeks to change the face of the company and function of the product. These companies are not even profitable so how are they asking for all this cash? And who are the investors buying into these figures?

Clearly no one has learned anything from the bubble and the death of myspace. If investors are that desperate to throw away some money how about they focus on seed stage funding or even hand it out to charity. And what the hell are these companies doing with all the funding they receive? Seems like a bunch of over staffed and over furnished offices burning through money. I mean how many people do you really need to develop and manage these businesses? A regulatory body or something needs to come up to stop this madness. It’s already out of hand….Path for 2 billion? Don’t make me laugh!

Feminiwhat? Keep it to yourself!

I have always somehow found myself in heated the debates with feminists. Before I have my rant I think it is very important to point out that I have nothing but the utmost respect for women. With that being said, most of these modern day feminists need an education on a lot of things. First things first, before you ladies push your issues on us, try pushing it on your fellow females. It’s so easy to have a go at guys for stepping out of bounds but what about the female population? When a woman is promiscuous (say three guys in a week), other girls refer to her as a slag/hoe/whore etc. If other girls are encouraging this kind of branding why would guys discourage it? When a guy is promiscuous (say three in three days), other guys offer praise. Yes, girls call these guys pigs or other derogatory titles, but the bros endorsement is enough to socially make it easy for us to express ourselves as our hormones demand. And don’t even get me started about general knowledge and standards. I am yet to meet a female that knows who Sheryl Sandberg or Marrisa Mayer or EVEN Marie Curie-Skłodowska is? But everyone knows the lyrics to Nikki Minaj’s songs and wants to be Beyonce for all the wrong reasons.

If females cannot take their own advice and lead the way any attempt to convince men is pointless. I have seen a lot of ladies with the view that they should be allowed to dress as revealing as they want. I have also heard girls refer to other girls as slutty because of the way they dress. If you guys can’t sort out your shit in your own camp what makes you think you guys will listen. It is also important to note that with gaining equality you will lose some privileges. Free entry into bars and clubs, having guys pay at dates, little things like that. I wish you guys all the luck but please don’t get all militant about it. It’s NOT cool!

And the notion that women have to be more masculine to prove a point is just absurd. Young females wonder where all the gentlemen have gone…well where the fuck are the ladies!

Teaching kids NOT to rape WTF!

I really don’t even know where to start on this subject. I remember my brother explaining what sex was to me many years ago. I was seven and he was nine. For those of you that don’t remember your school days, you are about nine or ten when you learn about reproduction in general science. I vividly remember my brother flicking through his textbook to prove to me that he wasn’t making it up. My first response was ‘This can’t be true, mummy will never let daddy do this to her’. That was how lost I was as a kid in regards to the topic of sex. Concepts like homosexuality, fetishes, and the rest of the sex world came much later. Today we seem to find ourselves in a moral panic over how kids are developing sexually. Ever so now and again you here about kids committing some form of rape and we blame it on pornography or the internet when we can’t be bothered with long words. The truth is that kids are fucked up. Always have been, always will be. Thinking that we can come up with some parenting technique to stop kids from expressing characteristics we may deem wrong is a pipe-dream. As a kid I was very much attracted to violence. I had enough toy guns to start an army and if a movie didn’t contain explosions, shooting, or kung-fu I wasn’t having it. Even when it came to cartoons I preferred Fantastic Four and Ninja Turtles to Road Runner or Droopy. None of this made me remotely violent as a person. Till today I have never been in a fight outside the odd few with my brother as a kid. The point I’m trying to make here is that kids today will benefit more by being taught about more activities than some false play on inception. Regardless of what you teach kids they will do what kids do and sometimes it means they will rebel. What do kids do these days? I don’t see them playing hop-scotch, jump-rope….shit, some of these kids can’t even play a card or board game. It seems like these other forms of play have been pushed on the schools to instill in kids. For all the sex education we adults have, how many of us can swear we have never risked doing it unprotected at some point. Of course that is not in the same league as rape but you get the drift. And these Steubenville kids were 16! THAT IS NOT A KID’S AGE! I won’t say these kids are on the level of hardcore rapists. If they understood the concept of what they were doing I don’t think they would have done it in public or filmed it. But stupidity is no excuse. And why aren’t the bystanders getting in trouble for this?

P.S This chick pretty much nailed the issue on this case!

Who pays for Netflix?


Don’t get me wrong, I was as excited as the next movie fanatic when I heard about Netflix and Lovefilm (and any other such site). I imagined it to be a Spotify service for movies and shows. It almost sounded like heaven in the living room! As with most promises that sound too good to be true, I waited to see it come true for myself. Disappointment is an understatement to describe how much of a let down this turned out to be. It’s almost like someone made a pick of all the movies no one would mind giving away for free and chucked it at these services. I understand the music and movie business are quite not the same. Music cost a lot less to make than movies and they don’t have a box office time frame either. In other words, a pay as you watch scheme will be quite difficult to secure with single monthly payments. The question is why half-ass an experience at all? Guys, until you can get enough movies on there to keep us entertained I will hold on to my money. And film studios need to make some effort with quality of movies they are putting out if they don’t want me downloading the crap that passes for movies these days. I mean they have done the first Spider Man TWICE!

Please not another photo sharing app!


Everyone knows how it goes in the digital game to thrones. A new concept hits the web and a bunch of companies jump on the bandwagon. Eventually there is always one man standing. With social networking Facebook took it home, Whatsapp owns mobile messaging, Instagram runs photos…so why do I still see companies trying to make me post pictures in more places? How about someone get on something else like events or local search? Yellow Pages sucks and Google is just tedious when searching for a restaurant in town. But let’s not digress. Ever since every other phone was a smartphone accompanied with app-mania, some pretty pointless crap has been featured on the news. I mean the other day I was reading about a photo app that allowed you to write on the picture…basically an app that could turn your picture into a meme! Silly. Like seriously, who is going to use this product repeatedly? I really hope it was developed as a hobby because you have a higher chance winning the lottery than running this app as a sustainable business. This also goes out to the cartoonzing and fill effect apps…Go home, or at least try to have some direction besides being another stale app on my phone!


Iron Man 3 (Tony Stark 1)


So after much deliberation I found myself with a bowl of pop corn watching Iron Man 3 in the cinema. While I am against the ridiculous cost of going to see a movie these days I still find myself in front of the big screen more or less once a week (shame on me). I particularly avoid sequels in the cinema unless it’s a movie with Matt Damon as Jason Bourne. Robert Downey Jr is also another favorite of mine so I thought f*ck it, let’s give it a go.

To  my surprise I actually liked this installment of the movie more than its predecessors. I believe all spoilers belong in hell so I will not give out any plot twists but anyone that has seen it knows the one I’m talking about. It was hilarious! Tony Starks spends a lot of time outside the suit and the movie explores his personal life quite closely. It is no Dark Knight but I enjoyed it a lot more than the Dark Knight Rises. Not the worst £7something I’ve spent on a ticket. Expect a good amount of action (never as much as previews suggest, but still good). As for fans of the comic looking forward to see The Mandarine, I hold my breath for you!

In summary the movie is aight, a healthy three stars for what it is 🙂