Feminiwhat? Keep it to yourself!

I have always somehow found myself in heated the debates with feminists. Before I have my rant I think it is very important to point out that I have nothing but the utmost respect for women. With that being said, most of these modern day feminists need an education on a lot of things. First things first, before you ladies push your issues on us, try pushing it on your fellow females. It’s so easy to have a go at guys for stepping out of bounds but what about the female population? When a woman is promiscuous (say three guys in a week), other girls refer to her as a slag/hoe/whore etc. If other girls are encouraging this kind of branding why would guys discourage it? When a guy is promiscuous (say three in three days), other guys offer praise. Yes, girls call these guys pigs or other derogatory titles, but the bros endorsement is enough to socially make it easy for us to express ourselves as our hormones demand. And don’t even get me started about general knowledge and standards. I am yet to meet a female that knows who Sheryl Sandberg or Marrisa Mayer or EVEN Marie Curie-Skłodowska is? But everyone knows the lyrics to Nikki Minaj’s songs and wants to be Beyonce for all the wrong reasons.

If females cannot take their own advice and lead the way any attempt to convince men is pointless. I have seen a lot of ladies with the view that they should be allowed to dress as revealing as they want. I have also heard girls refer to other girls as slutty because of the way they dress. If you guys can’t sort out your shit in your own camp what makes you think you guys will listen. It is also important to note that with gaining equality you will lose some privileges. Free entry into bars and clubs, having guys pay at dates, little things like that. I wish you guys all the luck but please don’t get all militant about it. It’s NOT cool!

And the notion that women have to be more masculine to prove a point is just absurd. Young females wonder where all the gentlemen have gone…well where the fuck are the ladies!


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