Teaching kids NOT to rape WTF!

I really don’t even know where to start on this subject. I remember my brother explaining what sex was to me many years ago. I was seven and he was nine. For those of you that don’t remember your school days, you are about nine or ten when you learn about reproduction in general science. I vividly remember my brother flicking through his textbook to prove to me that he wasn’t making it up. My first response was ‘This can’t be true, mummy will never let daddy do this to her’. That was how lost I was as a kid in regards to the topic of sex. Concepts like homosexuality, fetishes, and the rest of the sex world came much later. Today we seem to find ourselves in a moral panic over how kids are developing sexually. Ever so now and again you here about kids committing some form of rape and we blame it on pornography or the internet when we can’t be bothered with long words. The truth is that kids are fucked up. Always have been, always will be. Thinking that we can come up with some parenting technique to stop kids from expressing characteristics we may deem wrong is a pipe-dream. As a kid I was very much attracted to violence. I had enough toy guns to start an army and if a movie didn’t contain explosions, shooting, or kung-fu I wasn’t having it. Even when it came to cartoons I preferred Fantastic Four and Ninja Turtles to Road Runner or Droopy. None of this made me remotely violent as a person. Till today I have never been in a fight outside the odd few with my brother as a kid. The point I’m trying to make here is that kids today will benefit more by being taught about more activities than some false play on inception. Regardless of what you teach kids they will do what kids do and sometimes it means they will rebel. What do kids do these days? I don’t see them playing hop-scotch, jump-rope….shit, some of these kids can’t even play a card or board game. It seems like these other forms of play have been pushed on the schools to instill in kids. For all the sex education we adults have, how many of us can swear we have never risked doing it unprotected at some point. Of course that is not in the same league as rape but you get the drift. And these Steubenville kids were 16! THAT IS NOT A KID’S AGE! I won’t say these kids are on the level of hardcore rapists. If they understood the concept of what they were doing I don’t think they would have done it in public or filmed it. But stupidity is no excuse. And why aren’t the bystanders getting in trouble for this?

P.S This chick pretty much nailed the issue on this case!


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