Baby you look just perfect….NOT

Telling girls that they are without fault is something I had to learn the hard way. You are more likely to be forgiven for a racial comment towards a female than you are likely to be forgiven for making one negative comment on her appearance. The F word (fat) we all know is forbidden even if the girl looks like she ate her family for breakfast. You aren’t even allowed to make slight comments like ‘baby, just a little toning of the arms and you’ll be good’. Your only opinion on the looks of a woman should be that she is perfect, especially when you are asked for an honest opinion.

The question I want to ask is why do women even bother asking for our opinion? I am a firm believer that people are right about what they see in the mirror (besides clear cut cases of anorexia). If you think you need to spend some time in the gym then you probably do. So ladies please stop upsetting us with these pointless question. It doesn’t take a microscope to see a flat or flab stomach. And these girls that do nothing about the whole weight thing besides complaining annoy us the most. Makes some effort for goodness sake. I go to the gym, why shouldn’t you?

The average guy is so scared to complain about any physical aspects of his woman that he is more likely to find another woman rather than confronting the one he is with. Now I am not saying it is right, I am just saying it happens, denying it is more likely to get you played than it is to stop me from writing another post.

I encourage women to run an open policy making room for constructive criticism as this will decrease the chances of straying. And don’t even hit me with that ‘so all you care about is my looks’ line because if you are old enough to understand this post then you should know men are visual creatures (hence why porn makes money). Ladies have also adopted this visual nature and on occasions have sent me to the gym in search of broader shoulders but I’m not crying over it.

Feel free to murder me on the comments section 🙂

P.S When we make remarks it doesn’t mean we think you aren’t good as you are, it is ONLY an observation. I feel like I could spend more time on my legs in the gym but that isn’t to say I think I look terrible. Calm des Fuck DOWN!


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