To Drink or NOT to Drink? Jesus vs Mohammed

I was nervous to see my boss yesterday because I had consumed a bit of fruit punch (let’s keep this a secret). I have the week off but he needed me for an emergency situation and I didn’t have the balls to say no. So anyways I’m about five minutes out and the thought hit me. I was only worried about the situation because my boss is a practicing Muslim and abstains from alcohol. I am far from religious (spirituality, philosophy and common sense is enough for me), but out of interest and curiosity I have become quite versed with many of the world’s faith at a basic level at least. For those of you that do not know, Islam is actually considered to be a continuation of Christianity with Jesus Christ (Isa) accounted for in the Koran even though the story differs quite a bit (I will go into this in another rant). The point I am trying to make is that while Jesus was known to turn water to wine…Prophet Mohammed spoke against the consumption of alcohol and they are supposedly from the same line of God. In fact Prophet Mohammed was against every form of intoxication which makes me wonder why a lot of Muslims think it is okay to smoke cigarettes but it’s evil to touch alcohol?

The split in attitudes of these two great prophets of the past makes me wonder how gullible we can be when it comes to matters of faith. So let’s say Jesus turned shrubs to buds (weed); would this make smoking pot acceptable by the church? Or what if instead of passing a chalice full of wine he simply passed a joint…would it be customary to get high one Sunday every month in the name of holy communion? Am I allowed to get a balance between the two prophets which allows me to drink at least in moderation?


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