Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?

From the looks of things the fight for gay marriages seems to be the next social hurdle facing the 1st world. I can’t even get myself to call this a social issue. What effect has it got on day to day life…really?


Today’s news on the BBC


Yesterday on the Telegraph

While I am as straight as an arrow, I find it almost repulsive that people are so intolerant to differences that we can’t even look past what others choose to do in the privacy of their bedroom. And if you are a guy reading this and you enjoy lesbian porn, KILL YOURSELF. What have we learned from history if every social hurdle based on equality has to be a long hard battle? Look at the Defence Secretary talking about how angry the legalization of gay marriages has made the public…WTF. I mean seriously, can someone tell me one difference this change has made to their life? People want to be taxed less, to be protected from private companies charging ridiculous prices for basic amenities (gas, water, electric, mortgages). People want jobs….in fact marriage is already losing it’s place in our society because it is starting to seem like an old fashioned tradition.

What I would like to know is why anyone would feel so strong about not letting gay people live their lives as they see fit. As far as I can tell the only reason most people come up with is that it is morally wrong (God doesn’t like it because it violates the holy guidelines for what a marriage should be). So does divorce unless a spouse was caught cheating (this is in the bible).


But of course it has always been pick, mix, and twist with the good book. Amazing to see how judgmental we can be over supposed ‘sins’ we view ourselves innocent of. Adultery and fornication is as old as the Ten Commandments but we have managed to normalize that just because so many of us do it. HYPOCRITES!

As for people that say ‘It’s just wrong’ without even a religious reason…I can’t even find the words for you. You know I think the LGBT community needs to come up with their own from or marriage that excludes straight people. With divorce rates going up every year it’s not like marriage is anything like it used to be anyways. Live your life, don’t tell anyone else how to live there’s! If churches won’t ‘conduct gay marriages, good for them, but at least allow gay people to gave a court wedding or any other type of wedding they want. How is this even being debated?


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