Who pays for Netflix?


Don’t get me wrong, I was as excited as the next movie fanatic when I heard about Netflix and Lovefilm (and any other such site). I imagined it to be a Spotify service for movies and shows. It almost sounded like heaven in the living room! As with most promises that sound too good to be true, I waited to see it come true for myself. Disappointment is an understatement to describe how much of a let down this turned out to be. It’s almost like someone made a pick of all the movies no one would mind giving away for free and chucked it at these services. I understand the music and movie business are quite not the same. Music cost a lot less to make than movies and they don’t have a box office time frame either. In other words, a pay as you watch scheme will be quite difficult to secure with single monthly payments. The question is why half-ass an experience at all? Guys, until you can get enough movies on there to keep us entertained I will hold on to my money. And film studios need to make some effort with quality of movies they are putting out if they don’t want me downloading the crap that passes for movies these days. I mean they have done the first Spider Man TWICE!


Please not another photo sharing app!


Everyone knows how it goes in the digital game to thrones. A new concept hits the web and a bunch of companies jump on the bandwagon. Eventually there is always one man standing. With social networking Facebook took it home, Whatsapp owns mobile messaging, Instagram runs photos…so why do I still see companies trying to make me post pictures in more places? How about someone get on something else like events or local search? Yellow Pages sucks and Google is just tedious when searching for a restaurant in town. But let’s not digress. Ever since every other phone was a smartphone accompanied with app-mania, some pretty pointless crap has been featured on the news. I mean the other day I was reading about a photo app that allowed you to write on the picture…basically an app that could turn your picture into a meme! Silly. Like seriously, who is going to use this product repeatedly? I really hope it was developed as a hobby because you have a higher chance winning the lottery than running this app as a sustainable business. This also goes out to the cartoonzing and fill effect apps…Go home, or at least try to have some direction besides being another stale app on my phone!


Iron Man 3 (Tony Stark 1)


So after much deliberation I found myself with a bowl of pop corn watching Iron Man 3 in the cinema. While I am against the ridiculous cost of going to see a movie these days I still find myself in front of the big screen more or less once a week (shame on me). I particularly avoid sequels in the cinema unless it’s a movie with Matt Damon as Jason Bourne. Robert Downey Jr is also another favorite of mine so I thought f*ck it, let’s give it a go.

To  my surprise I actually liked this installment of the movie more than its predecessors. I believe all spoilers belong in hell so I will not give out any plot twists but anyone that has seen it knows the one I’m talking about. It was hilarious! Tony Starks spends a lot of time outside the suit and the movie explores his personal life quite closely. It is no Dark Knight but I enjoyed it a lot more than the Dark Knight Rises. Not the worst £7something I’ve spent on a ticket. Expect a good amount of action (never as much as previews suggest, but still good). As for fans of the comic looking forward to see The Mandarine, I hold my breath for you!

In summary the movie is aight, a healthy three stars for what it is 🙂

Why don’t we read more good news?


I am more of an independent or specialist blog reader, but I do venture to the classic news sites for a fix of all the f*cked up shit going on around the world. So rare is good news on these feeds that I almost feel like it’s a treat when one appears. The same thing happens when you turn on the TV. It’s predominantly bad news. I will admit to enjoy reading the paper, but then again I only read the Metro to keep busy on boring tube journeys. You have to watch programs like TED talks to hear about all the breakthroughs happening but everyday the headline is given to the same old issues. If someone is really concerned about the war in Syria they will find information on it wherever it is kept. All I’m saying is some good news of advancements will not be such a bad idea on the headlining pages. People only saw 3D-Printers on the headline when it was developed enough to print a gun.

This is very dangerous!

When it’s not bad news, it’s entertainment news. Is this the consensus by editors that people just want to read some bad news or some entertainment news? News site editors please try to accommodate some progressive and uplifting news before I rob a pharmacy for some anti-depressants from viewing news home pages. I mean Buzzfeed feed is making a fortune off funny GIFs and a bit of text.

catbuzThis is actually an article, check it out 

No wonder papers are losing sales and young people aren’t watching the news. We are tired of the repetition of bad news. If we are genuinely interested on the issue we will follow it at our own pace. From where I’m sitting traditional media news companies are now specialized in the distribution of bad news primarily…what a damn shame! Again, feel free to cover all areas (including bad news) in detail, just let some more good news on the home page.

Thank you…

Facebook kills social roulette app…


Soooo, I was on Techcrunch today reading about Facebook shutting off an app that allows users to play a game of social roulette. In a nutshell, every time you play on this app you have 1/6 chance of deleting your Facebook account. I am talking posts, friends, likes…it will basically erase your digital life if you are a Facebook user.



Let’s face it (pun NOT intended), Facebook is a the most famous site as far as social networks go. I mean the movie about the inception of this company won Academy awards. I am quite upset that I never got the chance to play this game. I am contemplating starting up a new Facebook account. Some college days antics need to remain in the past and I will admit to be fat with absolutely pointless contacts. I can understand why Facebook would block this app. It makes no sense allowing a business that can disrupt your business model exist in an ecosystem you control. But this would have been fun to see how people took it up…Easiest way to find out who could not live without their Facebook account. And imagine playing this in a group…last man standing before heading out on a Friday night! More likely to be a sudden death kinda game. I predict the population isn’t that brave. How about a reset button from Facebook? In my dreams 😦

Instapose…Stop it!


So my friend was hyped, overly excited, ecstatic, you get the picture. The guy was really looking forward to seeing this girl he had met on Instagram! At first I was stunned to know that Instagram was now a hunting ground for girls. Apparently the fact that I didn’t already know this was a reflection of my age and fading coolness. Anyways, this post isn’t about that so I will try not to digress.

After putting on his favored ‘meeting her for the first time’ outfit, it was time to get the party started. I told him a meeting at a bar was risky. Once they were both sat down it would make it almost impossible for him to leave if he wasn’t interested. That’s right ladies, sometimes guys are just as much in a hurry to get the f*ck out of the date too. The danger in meeting at a bar is that you couldn’t drive after two glasses of anything (in the UK at least). Leaving after just one glass was not polite. I guess you could say the standard of being a gentleman has changed.

On arrival he sent me a text ‘dude, this chick is butterz’. If you are familiar with UK slang then you already know what he meant. If you are not, butterz is about as mean a word a guy could use to describe an ugly girl. Apparently she had a face full of acne covered in a caked layer of make-up. You know the kind of girl you dread waking up next to for the sake of your sight and sheets. Needless to say he made the best of small conversation, finished his two drinks and got the hell out of there.


The moral of the story: If she hasn’t got some unfiltered picture through the miracle that is Instagram, ask her for one! And for those of you reading this with mixed feelings about meeting dates online, get with the times.

Get them out of here…really

I have held myself back from writing about this over and over again, but this morning I thought f*ck it, I have to. Immigration is not the most comfortable political issue but after I read a comment on how only the English deserve to be in the UK (probably from a BNP member), I felt it was time for a good old rant. I mean lets be clear on one thing, if all immigrants staged a walk out, or should I say fly out, the UK economy will crash instantly. From big time successful immigrants to small service immigrants handling unskilled jobs, immigrants are needed on some level. Even if you are anti-immigration please at least admit to this fact! As a foreigner that has lived in the UK for over seven years (all my papers are in order, no need to call the Home Office), I have done nothing but contribute to the economy. Every immigrant is NOT after the benefit scheme!

And don’t even get me started on this odd sense of entitlement I sense when people talk like efforts laid by their ancestors in this country somehow entitles them to be taken care of in this current time. I am mixed race with English ancestry, my great grand father was among the first English men to visit West Africa working for the Niger company. This before any Western government even took root in that part of the world. From the African side I can always cash in some slave labor credits but that’s just silly. By all means protect your borders but at least accommodate people just looking to live in the country without accessing benefits. And can people stop blaming immigrants for taking all their jobs, that is just silly. Get the fuck on with your job search and try to better yourself to be more employable instead of couch surfing all day. This is a developed country, you need skills to survive. A strong work ethic wouldn’t go amiss too. Surprisingly most young people I speak with about this issue seem to agree boarders should be open to anyone not looking to leech on their taxes. London is the financial capital of the UK and last time I checked it is one of the most multicultural cities on the planet. Why are people so afraid of change anything different? Some times I get the sense that most people with strong anti-immigration views that always say ‘soon there will be no real/pure/original/white (English white, Polish doesn’t count)/etc English people left’ are just racist and might not even know it. I am mixed race, but I identify my home country as the place I am from. It is my home. It doesn’t matter what skin colour a person is, being black and English doesn’t make someone less English! Jes*s how can people be so stupid! It’s like these people are on some mission to protect white people from going extinct? Why don’t you just marry yourselves and produce a bunch of white kids and let people that want to mix have their cocktails. The least you owe others is the right to have kids with who they please!